World Peace & Happiness

by William J Locker

This original Christmas song, written and performed by William J Locker, takes the listener out of their grey-grownup life and launches them back home when they were children, celebrating the love and magic of Christmas.  In the verses, "World Peace and Happiness" explores the dark realities of modern life. Your spirit is gradually lifted in the chorus, however, with the hope for world peace and happiness, while rock n roll guitars and drums drive you there.  It has a classic, yet fresh sound, combining smooth Christmas carol singers with classical strings and William J Locker's taste of Rock.  You'll discover the true meaning of Christmas while you dance and sing around your home with a lit tree, a glass of egg nog, and World Peace and Happiness.


"World Peace & Happiness"


Song written by: William J Locker


Vocals: William J Locker, Nella Thomas and Ben Locker

Acoustic Guitar: William J Locker

Lead Guitar: Steven Rood

Piano: Neil Stoffregen, Nella Thomas

Organ: Neil Stoffregen

Drums / Sleigh Bells: William J Locker

Bass Guitar: Jon Locker

Strings: Patrick Riley


Produced by: William J Locker

Co-Produced, Engineered, Mix and Mastered by: Jon Locker

Scratch Recorded by: Chris Pierson

Recorded at Sonic Factory Music Studios in Des Moines, IA